Esther Day: Love out Loud

It is not a secret to anyone who knows of the I Am UU project AND the brothers John and Hank Green that the guy in charge of I Am UU, namely me, is a Nerdfighter. In short, Nerdfighters are fans of the work the Greens do – through their art, their Vlogbrothers YouTube channel, and other social media – to “Decrease World Suck“. That is just some background, so that I can introduce… more background.

Saying you love someone is a good thing. ~Esther Earl

Quote by Esther Earl.

Esther Earl was also a Nerdfighter, and a YouTuber who became friends with Hank and, especially, John. She was a teenager, and she was fighting cancer. It was a battle she lost in 2010 at the age of 16. John promised her that he and Hank would remember her Birthday, August 3rd, and they would celebrate it for as long as they were making Vlogbrothers videos. She asked him to make it a day when they told people “I love you.” Not romantic partners, but all the people they loved, especially those who don’t hear it enough or those where it is awkward to tell them.

It has been described by John as “Valentine’s Day for all the other kinds of love.”

“Esther Day is the day where we think ‘who do I love who I have trouble saying I love you to.’ 
   Not some romantic interest, that’s just using Esther Day as an excuse to tell someone you love them, that you already want to tell them… no. 
    I mean family, or platonic friends, which for me is even harder than family.” 
    – John Green

One of our behind-the-scenes contributors, whose birthday is also in August, complains that there is no major holiday in the month. Let’s change that, at least as Unitarian Universalists, and make Esther Day a commemoration of love. We invite you to join us this year in celebrating Esther Day, which falls on a Sunday this year. Take the opportunity to say “I love you” to those people in your life who make things better, easier, more fun, or worthwhile.

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