SWC: Advice given

What piece of advice has stuck with you on your personal quest for truth and meaning? Where did it come from? Was it invited, or unsolicited? Did you take it? Where has the choice lead you, and what might be different had you not heard it?

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  1. Andrew Hidas April 13, 2014 at 9:27 am #

    Mine came from my Jesuit spiritual director during the year I spent in seminary, exploring whether to go on for doctoral work. I’d had an early (4-year) teaching career, left to get a master’s, spent a year waiting tables, then back to school I went. I was pushing 30 with seven years of college and no specific career and life direction. “It seems you need to consolidate your gains,” he reflected near the end of one session. Those three words—”consolidate your gains”—struck a deep and resonant chord in me, right on the spot. It both honored that indeed I had made gains, but suggested and even subtly challenged me to see there was much work to do in making those gains add up to something. I’ve spent subsequent years doing just that, deciding back then not to pursue a doctorate and in a sense rejoining and re-engaging with the world after a rather monkish academic period. I often repeated the phrase to myself like a mantra over the years, and I’ve occasionally shared it with others when it seemed like it may benefit them as it did me.

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