Saturday Writing Challenge: Doubt, Faith, and Liberal Religion

This prompt is being shamelessly borrowed from a post that professional religious educator and minor Unitarian Universalist Rock Star, Starr Austin prepared for the Small Group Ministry  at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington. The topic is doubt, and I encourage you to read the post, but I am just lifting two of the Discussion and Sharing Questions from the bottom:

  • Are faith and doubt opposites, or do they exist together?
  • How does doubt contribute to your identity and faith as a Unitarian Universalist?



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One Response to Saturday Writing Challenge: Doubt, Faith, and Liberal Religion

  1. Cindy Fesgen June 6, 2015 at 10:15 am #

    As a UU, I have experienced doubt and faith. They are like Yin and Yang, because without doubting and questioning, I can’t come to a clear understanding of what I do believe. It is personal, a journey I travel thinking and inquiring into the ideas that are important to me. Having thoughtful discourse with others gives me more information so I can decide for myself “what is true”, yet I am not alone or lonely because I am with fellow inquirers, seekers who are following their personal path as well.

    I was brought up in a liberal Christian household, but over the years began the question the set belief statements of the church. I couldn’t agree that anyone who wasn’t a Christian was doomed to hell. This was especially true for me as I thought about mission work, and people who already have their own faith and children who might die young without professing their faith. If God is truly loving and forgiving, how can millions of people be written off? I don’t believe that! I believe God loves all people and all have received grace.

    My faith is that God is love and all people are loved. And that makes me a Universalist. I also believe there is one God with many names. That makes me a Unitarian.
    I couldn’t have come to this place without questioning, doubting, inquiring and struggling. My doubt has created my faith.

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