Monday Meditation

I just spent a week surrounded by Unitarian Universalists and Unitarian Universalism. I was in an almost magical space where our youth were valued, our values were placed above our comfort or expedience, and our trash was recycled or composted such that less than 15% went to the landfill.

I will be processing General Assembly for a while; likely longer than last year, even.

What I bring back to you today is the value of giving yourself time to process. Life moves fast. It can feel overwhelming. It can be overwhelming. Trying to do it all at once isn’t healthy. Trust me.

Taking some time to process and assimilate new experiences is invaluable. Not even planning the use but simply integrating the information so that it can be useful. This “downtime” is vital when one has had a week like mine.

So, this week’s Monday Meditation will be brief, and I hope you will forgive that. I do think that the reminder might just help a few other people, some who were in Kansas City and maybe some who were not.

We are a community ministry, and not funded or overseen by the UUA or any member congregation directly. We rely on the folks who find our work useful to fund us for a few dollars at a time.

General Assembly is a huge expense, and we have to keep the website and coffee pot online the rest of the year.

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Thank you!

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