We Do Not Promise Comfort: Building the Beloved Community

The weekend got away from Thomas, as Thanksgiving is happening tonight for his family. Sorry for the short post this week!

The word “comfort” does not appear in the Principles of the UUA. We have “acceptance” and “compassion” but also “growth” and “responsible”. At no point do they promise any of us that we will not be uncomfortable while doing the work we are covenanted to do.

We must be prepared to be uncomfortable. Growth is rarely a comfortable process. Accepting people who think things or who have done things in their past which we disagree with, even despise, is part of building the Beloved Community with a place for everyone. That discomfort is crucial to befriending opponents and opening hearts (ours and theirs).

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One Response to We Do Not Promise Comfort: Building the Beloved Community

  1. Thomas Squiers November 21, 2017 at 9:22 pm #

    I preached a sermon once on comfort and how it does not belong in the church. We need to feel discomfort in church. It is a driving force. It helps us pay attention. It causes us to reach out to others. It helps us make necessary change. Discomfort keeps us from becoming complacent. If anyone is comfortable in his/her church – there needs to be a reassessment!

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