I Am UU End of the Year Funding Drive!

My name is Thomas Earthman. The I Am UU project is my ministry. I created this project around 7 years ago, putting my computer skills together with writing ability and an eye for design. I’ve picked up a great many other skills “on the job”; skills that include community management, graphic design, a lot of information on theology and Unitarian Universalist history, and the ever-changing needs of Facebook and social media.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done, but it has gotten a little off track.

We’ve heard from a few people who the page feels a little cluttered; we’ve had to mention the need to pay bills and eat more often lately, and I admit that it detracts from what we would like to be publishing. It is important, though, but we are willing to try something a little different: A Proper Fundraising Drive.

Like PBS, but for Unitarian Universalism!

I have a proposition for the 11,000 members of our Facebook community, along with those following on Twitter who don’t use Facebook and anyone else who just appreciates what I’m doing. That’s a lot of people who follow this work, and dozens of congregations who use it on a weekly basis. I want you all to come together right now and fund this work for $5 each. I know, not everyone has $5 a month. But, this time, I mean for the whole year.

$5, one time, for the whole year.

That would fund I Am UU fully, including software, books, General Assembly and workshops throughout the year.

For every $2,500 so raised I will be able to fully fund my work as admin and creator for a month. That’s all it would take! So, we are asking for $5 from each of you on average, and we need a 60% participation to fund us for the full year!

What’s in it for you?

What we propose in exchange is that for every $2,500 given, we will refrain from posting to social media about fundraising for a full month, starting in January. That’s 6 weeks to see how much money we can raise to support innovative, engaging, liberal religious outreach.

If you fund me for 3 months, then I will have the time to work on learning a specific set of skills; I’m going to bring liberal religion to YouTube. I’ll be able to buy and learn the software and practice with managing a YouTube community.

With 6 months worth of funding, I can be a better UU. I will attend more workshops, conferences, and be assured to be at General Assembly. The plan is to attend some form of training every month (on average, some months don’t offer much).

Are you in?

That’s my proposal for allowing me to focus on the message. It covers my time and energy, it allows me to concentrate on the project  goals rather than the means. It is a reasonable ask of you all as individuals, and if people aren’t really that invested, then we just return to what we’ve been doing. I know we would rather be focused on the message, but I need you to make that possible.

I’m using Faithify, the Unitarian Universalism-focused crowdfunding platform.  Please give what you think the I Am UU project is worth to you.

I welcome your comments and constructive feedback. As always, I am grateful for the reach and impact I have; it exists because you all have given me your trust. It is an honor.

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