Fundraising: Support Innovative Liberal Religious Outreach

The I Am UU project doesn’t charge for 90% of the works we create. Whether it is writing a blog post about Universalism or Social Justice or creating a graphic about the roots of liberal religion, or just curating inspirational quotes in a “wayside pulpit” fashion; it is important that our works all be accessible to UUs, congregations, and those who are looking for a spiritual community. Since all of these activities require time, specialized skills, and a commitment to liberal religion. Like a congregation, the project doesn’t make a profit, but it does have expenses.

So, also like a congregation, we ask those who benefit from our work and those who believe in our mission to help fund us. This section of the website makes that possible.

The most effective, for us, is a monthly pledge on Patreon. Even just a dollar or two a month adds up, and having it come in monthly helps us budget accordingly.

You can also help out by hiring Thomas to work with your congregation. He can help you with most of your messaging, outreach, and branding issues as well as how to use social media to reach members or the larger community. Email Thomas to talk about your needs!

Finally, if you want to just send a one-time gift, we accept those too. In fact, your gift might earn you a gift in return!

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