Unitarian Universalism is About Relationships: Human and Divine.

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal religion. It is all about being in relationship with the community and the congregation.

It is about making a choice to be part of something and letting that something help you be a better member of the various communities you move through. Unitarian Universalism is about trying to be your best self, knowing that you will occasionally fail, and trying again. It is about building and rebuilding relationships, always seeking to have a more positive impact. We have to adjust and grow as we learn. Each relationship requires something different from us, and we grow in new ways from the experience.

Unitarian Universalism is also about your personal relationship with the divine. Or seeming lack there of.

Just like your relationship with the congregation, its minister, or its board president will be different from the relationship anyone else has with those people, your relationship to the divine is a personal thing.

Our Christian forebearers often speak of their image of the ultimate source as a father figure; Christians still refer to “God, the Father” as the source of creation. Personally, I had a rather poor relationship with my father. My sisters were closer, but their relationships with the man were still very different from one other. We all had the same male parent, but he was a different person in each of our lives. I bet most of the people you know are a different person to the other people in their lives, too.

Why would the divine be so different? When there are seven and a half billion people in the world; how could they all have the same relationship with the divine? Some would be distant while some close. Some loving, others are not.

A teacher has to treat each class according to the needs of the students present. A barista has to adjust to the attitude, the accent, or the dietary needs of different customers. Each of us has to be in each relationship in our lives, and each relationship will be unique. The same is true of the person on the other end, too. And we are shaped by our experience, changing how we engage in every other relationship in some way.

Why would we not expect that after 300,000 years of human beings, more or less, that any divine being would still have the same relationship with each of us now?

(I don’t.)

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